Monday, October 18, 2010

Dark Eldar mental adjustments and thoughts...

I made my first leap with them (blaster bombs as Aaron has now coined the term for me) and my first mental gaffe.
I missed something key, when sifting through the 'dex.
How the hell did I miss the 1-3 per HQ? I think excitement over so many other things, and a dislike for the old models, made me pass over the entry with little real attention paid.
Their gear is grand, and give me access to Crucibles, but ultimately they serve a similar role to my Sanguinary Priests in the BA FNP.
In addition, synergy with other elements (wrack troops, etc).

So, humble pie prepared for self...will eat when dinner settles. If nothing else from this, I learned how much I am still affected by prejudgement even after flushing a decade of dogmatic thought processes since I was let go from CoC.

Adjustments to my prior lists may flow like this...
Drop Archon.
Plug in 2x Haemonculi w/liquifiers and at least one crucible.
With my prior point shortage (11 pts) combined with the points from the Archon I should be able to do this with no pain.
I am considering replacing a warrior squad with a 9x Wych squad for one Haemonculi to join, and the other joining the first Wych squad.
I need to look further into the gear available to them, but sure that I can find synergies aplenty.

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