Friday, April 16, 2010

Ard Boyz 2010

so I think I have decided to play in the Ard Boyz Competition this May.
I was building lists and tweaking play, and finally settled on my Tyranids as the most comfortable list I have (well, other than my IG...but I don't want to be 'just another' guard player. It would be easier, but frankly I think I'll have more fun the other way, and fewer chances of running into 'meta' counters).
We'll see.
Anywho, I had been developing my list around my converted Tyrannofexes and Tervigons, and stumbled on Stelek's (of YTTH fame) maximum MC wound list here

It plays the way I have been playing, and plays to all the strengths I personally like to play which is; damn the environment, I'm doing what I'm going to do regardless of what you think you'll stop.
It's the way I competed in MTG, SFB and so forth. A kind of environmental control that involves ignoring the environment your opponent creates to such a degree that even initiative won't prevent him from having to react to you as the game develops. (barring flukes of course, which happen from time to time no matter how well you are prepared).
I don't know how I'll do, but as his list really fills all the roles I want, focuses on the models I am building/have built, and really flows like mine, I think I want to take his 'Ard Boyz Challenge' while still running something akin to mine. I would have used Deathleaper as psy-defense in place of the third unit of Hive Guard, and dropped one Tervi for a Tyrant with Hive Commander and Old Adversary, but meh...might as well make a challenge within a challenge, and see if it pans out to be the better list.
Kinda rambling now, as tired and the Ambien is starting to kick in...but I shall expound shortly.

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